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Stump Grinding

Easy, safe removal of stumps of all size

Using our range of stump grinders we safely remove stumps to make way for new plantings, or to prevent the spread of disease from funguses and pathogens such as honey fungus.


Stump grinding is far more effective than other methods such as mechanical digging, winching or poisoning and also much cheaper and safer.

Our range of stump grinders can access confined area with poor access and deal with even the most difficult and cumbersome stumps.


Unlike other stump grinding companies we can remove 100% of the stump first time and not just remove the surface wood, ask us about our back digging and reinstatement service for instant replanting.  


We also offer a free re-visit if required.


If required we can back dig stumps dispersing  the residual grindings into the soil and allowing replanting of the area quicker. This means we can also be sure the whole stump is removed avoiding revisits.


If required we can totally remove any grindings too, as if the tree and stump was never there for instant replanting or seeding!

No other Stump Removal Company offers this service! 













We can also remove extremely large stumps with minimal ground disturbance around the stump and also large numbers of stumps for site clearance.

We can also dispose of large quantities of stumps which have been dug from the ground from site clearance and development sites as part of our green waste removal and stump disposal services. 

























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