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James 02/01/2019


Tree Removal in Stoke Albany


Stoke Albany Horse Chestnut Removal

Summer 2018


This was a previously pollarded horse chestnut which due to the severe pruning it had been subjected to previously (not by us!) had become very decayed and as a result lost a large limb narrowly avoiding damaging the gravestones underneath.

The church decided that the tree was no longer safe and to decided to fell it.


Due to the condition of the tree and fragile targets below we utilised a 17.5m cherry picker to dismantle the tree.

We removed all the timber from site using our digger with log grab and timber lorry grab wrapping the job up in a day.

We even turned the stump into a chair for visitors to the church.















Large Conifer Hedge Removal Wellingborough


We was asked to remove this large conifer hedge which had grown to large to be managed and had also started to collapse in places.


Due to its size it was beyond trimming. The homeowner had received many quotes over the years but found getting the works done to cost prohibitive.


Fortunately the trees had good access so we was able to utilise our machinery to make the job a lot easier and more less costly.


Overall there was 50m of  hedge at around 60ft high.

We were able to fell the trees and use our digger to feed our large capacity chipper and remove chip from site wrapping the job up in two and half days






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