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Forestry & Woodland Management

We can carry out all aspect of forestry management, from habitat management to Silviculture, establishment and planting to thinning and harvesting.  

If you own woodlands some of the service we can provide include

Forestry & Woodland Services

  • Timber Harvesting

  • Forest thinning

  • Timber processing

  • Hand cutting

  • Timber Extraction

  • Skidding/Winching

  • Woodland clearance

  • PAWs restoration

  • Ride widening/Creation

  • Vegetation Management

  • Removal of invasive plants i.e. Rhododendron

  • Chemical and mechanical weeding

  • Habitat creation

  • Managing woodlands for sporting/game

  • Coppicing



Small and Sensitive Forestry Works

We also have smaller 3tonne digger and rotator grabs for light forestry and tree clearance works.

 This set up is ideal for light forestry and ground sensitive works and works on wildlife reserves.

We regularly use this setup for timber and brash stacking in tight woodlands and to reduce ground damage in timber extraction.

It is a excellent machine for ride widening and brash removal or stacking. This set up  allows for very fast, efficient and cost efficient brash and vegetation movement.

< Left Our machine working on a Forestry Project in Weldon 



Working for Natural England

We regularly work for Natural England on there reserves. They have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency to which we have been able to clear trees which have been falling and damaging deer fences.

 By lifting trees of whole and being and being able to remove brash far away from the fence further damage of the fence is eliminated, a task impossible to be done by hand.

Using our small excavator and brash grab we have been able to greatly increase the amount of valuable conservation clearance and woodland thinning works carried our annually per budget as well as reducing manual handling requirements and carrying out work to a much higher standard than would be done by man power alone.


Timber Extraction

All our staff our qualified in

First Aid + F


NPTC Chainsaw

CPCS Escavator
CSCS Construction Skills







 Flailing of Vegetation

We have a range of Skidsteer and Excavator mounted flails for hedge flailing, and the flailing of brambles and other vegetation.


These can be easily moved to site for small and one off jobs.

Our small 3tonne mounted flail makes a great alternative to Brushcutter Teams.










Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees play a valuable part in the history of our woodlands and parklands. They are of great historic value as well as providing habitat for many different organisms.

We can offer many different management systems to help preserve these magnificent trees for future generations.

  • Veteran tree data basing using GPS,GIS  for cataloguing and future management

  • Pruning and maintenance to prevent collapsing prematurely

  • Pollarding, Re-pollarding, continuing past management

  • Halloing (Gradual removal of surrounding trees)

  • Veteran tree creation, pollarding mature trees

  • Coronet cutting, (Cutting of mature trees for habitat creation)

  • Managing dead veterans to ensure safety and increase value for wildlife.

All this work is done with great care and inline with current industry recommendations


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