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Firewood in Kettering

We Recommend "Bobs Logs" to supply quality firewood to our customers for Firewood in Kettering .


Robert is a small Artisan firewood producer based in Barton Seagrave,  Kettering supplying quality locally and sustainable sourced seasoned hardwood produced in small batches and hand loaded to maximise quality. Bobs Logs offers flexible delivery times at evenings and weekends and can also supply kindling.


For Firewood order please contact Bobs Logs Direct on 07973 374171 


Woodchip & Mulch Supply


We also supply woodchip for a variety of uses. Woodchip is available for collection or bulk deliveries can be arranged locally.

We have well matured wood chip available which is much more suitable for flower beds as it has had a chance to partially mulch.


Some of the suitable uses for our woodchip include

  • Horse Ménages

  • Muddy Gateways

  • Creating natural paths

  • Mulch for flower beds

  • Soil conditioning

  • Weed suppressant

We only get rid of woodchip and in bulk and it is only available to the none fussy who are flexible with delivery or who can collect in bulk from our yard.




We can load load trailers or lorries at our yard



Please call us or email us for more information. 












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