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Specialist Tree Surgery, Tree Clearance,

Tree Management and Vegetation Management

With many years experience in both Forestry and Arboriculture we are highly Experienced and Equipped to Efficiently complete large Tree and Vegetation Management and clearance Projects meeting the demands of commercial clients.

We employ modern equipment to insure your job is carried out quickly and safely causing little disturbance to any work site and enabling us to meet tight time schedules. 

We carry out a range or services from individual Tree Removal to whole site large scale Tree and Vegetation Clearance.

We regularly successfully complete large projects for Civil Construction companies, Government Agencies, Local Authorities, Land Owners and Facilities management companies.


  • We hold a a 10million employers liability insurance

  • 5million Public Liability insurance

  • 1million indemnity insurance

  • CSCS Certified  Plant Operators

  • CPCS Certified machine operators

  • Full H&S Documentation

  • CIS + VAT Registered

  • Small highly capable team for fast efficient bespoke service


We are Chas Accredited, Safe Contractor Approved and SMAS Worksafe Accredited, we operate a full Health and Safety System. Our Staff carry CSCS cards for works on Development sites and we are fully equipped to carryout large and complex projects.


We have a full suite of Risk assessments, method statements, Health and safety and environmental policy statements and other task and other industry specific policies to accompany any job all of which we are only to happy to present to any potential client.


We run large lorries and chippers for a efficient and safe service. We can remove material from site in large quantities easily and safely without running over loaded.


Lorries fitted with cranes and diggers fitted with loading attachments mean we can handle bulky material such as logs and branches quickly and with minimal manual handling reducing time on site and costs.



We can give great references from many different sectors from Rail Contractors to Civil engineering companies and industrial parks.  



Whilst many tree companies offer Commercial tree services very few can match the equipment, experience and efficacy that Rose Tree Care can offer. 


Pre-Development Site Clearance

We have machinery at our disposal capable of moving and chipping large diameter trees and vegetation for site and land clearance such as  whole tree chippers and 360' Excavators with timber grabs for moving large quantities of cut produce efficiently.  As well as smaller compact machines such as road tow and tracked chippers.


All our machinery is used operated by in house skilled and qualified staff.


Our staff also carry CSCS (Construction skills certification scheme) cards for working on construction sites and all our staff have the correct NPTC (national proficiency test council) qualification for any task they are carrying out.







Vegetation Flailing / Mulching

We have our own range of vegetation flails to suit a range of projects,

We have small excavator mounted flails and mulchers ideal for site investigation works and the removal of brambles on banks and on contaminated sites.

Our Flail mounted on our 3tonne excavator is easily moved for short duration jobs and tight access jobs.


Some applications include,

  • Ecological destructive surveys,

  • Removal of vegetation around obstacles such as pilings

  • River bank mowing

  • Hedge Flailing,

  • Track side de-veg

  • Vegetation removal on steep banks

  • Vegetation removal on contaminated ground.





Land Clearance, Hedgerow Removal.

We can quickly and effortlessly remove vegetation such as Hedgerows and other thorny and difficult to deal with vegetation. We can tailor methods to yours and your site requirements.  Such sites we have experience in dealing with include sites with ecological constraints, difficult terrain and wet sites with poor ground conditions.







Road Side Tree and Vegetation Clearance


We have in house operatives and supervisors qualified on the Street Works Register to install and maintain traffic lights and traffic management.


Combined with machinery capable of processing roadside trees quickly such as excavators with brash grapples and large chippers. We can deal with private and commercial landowners roadside tree and vegetation management problems quickly safely and efficiently minimising inconvenience to road users.


The photo opposite is us working in a one lane traffic light controlled road closure using a 360 digger with selector grab to prepare brash for a 15inch wood chipper. Clearing trees for a new development and road widening on the A428 near rugby.


Visit our Roadside Works Page





Roadside Tree Safety Works


We can undertake roadside safety works, removing roadside trees and pruning works. Utilising Mewps/Cherry Pickers and organising road closures or lane closures.


Our staff are qualified under IPAF for use of Cherry Pickers as well as traditional rope and harness techniques. Works we have under took include thinning woodland roadside trees for visual improvements and woodland thinning. Canopy raising for clearance and pruning of trees.


We also use Mewps for other tree works including removing of vegetation from structures, dismantling un climbable trees and removing vegetation and trees from security lights and CCTV

Visit our Roadside Tree Surgery Page




Pre Development Site Clearance and Ecological Mitigation


We can tailor site clearances for ecologically sensitive sites. We have experience with working with stringent site constraints such as Great Crested newts, Door Mice, Bats,  protected and nesting Birds. We regularly work with ecologists to minimise damage to flora and fauna.


The photo is us opposite working on tight time schedule to remove several hundred meters of hedgerow on a site inhabited by Great crested newts. To minimise disturbance to newts dormant in the hedgerow bottom we cut the hedge at 45cm high and carefully removed the brash with a 360' digger fitted with selector grab and stacked it for processing away from the hedge line. This method aloud for minimal disturbance by eliminating the need for manual dragging of the cut brash and minimising ground disturbance in the hedge and ditch. Rugby Radio Station Feb 2015 





Clearance of a closed road for redevelopment in Newark using a 14tonne digger and selector grab to stack the material ready for chipping for a large civil engineering client.   










Using Cranes for Tree work and dismantling trees in inaccessible places.


We have great experience in using cranes in tree work. Often used for removal of trees which are very large with poor access or to dangerous for rigging systems. We can use cranes for dismantling trees safely as well as using the cranes for accessing trees which are not suitable for rope and harness techniques.


The tree opposite needed removing as part of Network Rail infrastructure upgrades in Aylesbury. The rail bridge behind was being replaced and the tree was preventing works.

The tree was situated with a steep rail embankment behind and a river in front with a busy road in front of that. The tree was completely inaccessible to machinery and a dangerous scrabble for workers with no drop zone for branches. Due to the busy road this job had to be done at night. We arranged for the road to closed and utlised a 35tonne crane which lifted and lowered branches cut by a tree climber in the tree across the river and safely onto the road for processing.

Due to strict safety rules on the railway and rules for crane use combined with the proximity of branches being lifted by the crane from a climber aloft in the tree this this job took careful planning. A rigorous method statement and risk assessment along with lift plan was compiled in house by company director James Rose who also had the task of being the man in the tree!






  • We can create work schedules, pricing schedules

  • Whole site tree management reports

  • Assessments to your tree stocks health and condition,

  • Written recommendations to future management of current tree stocks.

  • Design new planting schemes including, site species selection and aftercare.

  • Liaising with authorities, seeking consent, planning permission

  • Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area Consent and application,

Tree surgery

  • All aspects of tree works to BS3998 (see tree surgery)

  • Dismantling, felling and removal of trees

  • Tree pruning, Shaping

  • Stump removal

  • Hedge/Conifer trimming and restoration

Site Clearance

  • Bulk tree removal/Tree clearance 

  • Green Waste recycling

  • Clearing of scrub, and other vegetation

  • Timber extraction

  • On Site chipping

  • Green waste removal

Habitat Management

  • Habitat management

  • Habitat creation

  • Environmental mitigation  

  • Ecological work

  • Low impact works on ecologically sensitive sites

Woodland Creation

  • Woodland planting

  • Recreation area planting,

  • Tree planting for landscape improvement

  • Tree planting for habitat creation

Ivy and Vegetation removal from structures

  • Ivy removal from houses buildings and walls

  • Ivy removal from trees

  • Tree and vegetation removal from obscure places

  • MEWP/Access Platform for building access (IPAF)


Sub-contract services + Railways PTS Operatives

All  Our staff our qualified for work on Network Rail Infrastructure and qualified with PTS

We regally subcontract Tree and Vegetation Management  PTS operatives to Railways companies as well as managing our own Trackside site vegetation management.

Amongst our operatives we have

  • PTS CPCS 360 Excavator Operatives

  • Chainsaw PTS Operatives

  • Tree Climbers and Aerial Rescuers PTS

  • PTS De-Vegetation Operatives

We can also provide full risk assessments, method statements, staff profiles and copies of relevant competency certificates.


We would also be pleased to give contact details of past contracts for references.






Utilising excavators for clearing large areas of trees

Cut and burn of  invasive species clearance for The Wildlife Trusts


















Highly efficient and cost effective

Low ground pressure machines.

Skilled and certified operators 

Ideal for ecology works and conservation works
















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