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Roadside Tree Management and Clearance 


Roadside Tree Safety, Clearance and Management

Did you Know? As a landowner you have a "duty of care" to take reasonable steps to makes sure trees on your property do not cause harm to others.


Rose Tree Care has a wealth of experience in dealing with roadside tree safety. With our own in-house Traffic management equipment and operators we can easily, safely and cost effectively solve your roadside tree problems.

We have been approved by Northamptonshire Highways to work to Book Road space, and design and install Traffic Management for roadside tree works.

We have NRWSA Streetworks qualified supervisors and operatives to work install and maintain traffic management systems such as lane closures and temporary traffic lights.

We also own our own Chapter 8 traffic management set up including Diesel powered 2 way traffic lights.

We can also carry out Roadside tree inspections and reports for clients.




We own and operate machinery capable of processing roadside trees quickly such as excavators with brash grapples and large chippers as well as HGV trucks for moving equipment and timber.


Our IPAF qualified staff can operate Cherry pickers of all sizes, quickly and safely dismantling trees or pruning trees and limbs liable to cause cause a hazard.

We also have fully qualified tree climbers and chainsaw operators, to carry out all sorts of tree and vegetation management.






Case Studies

Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire,


Lamport Hall Preservation trust is a Rural Estate situated between Northampton and Market Harborough. The estate manages 2,250 acres including 65 acres of woodland and 200 acres of Parkland.

We have managed the parkland trees for over 6 years and in 2015 the estate decide to take a proactive step in managing its roadside trees which includes a woodland running along the the A508 a busy road running to Northampton.

Long spinney is a woodland running along the A508 which had been thinned as part of a forestry operation.  To create a even spacing of trees  throughout the woodland and to stop the remaining trees toppling onto the road the trees close to the road had to be selectively removed.

Working with Northamptonshire Highways  we agreed a one lane road closure with two way traffic lights,  to cause minimal disruption we avoided working during peak rush hours.

To make the best of use of the working hours we utilised a 40 meter self propelled cherry picker to safely dismantle the trees.  To quickly clear material we situated a 8 tonne digger with brash grab in the woodland  to move material off the road and into the woodland quickly for processing later.



















The estate also had a number of very large and old trees situated on smaller country roads.

After we carried out a inspection of all the roadside trees we identified a number of trees with potential to cause harm.

Retaining the trees was important as they were important landscape and historical features as well as habitat to numerous species.


To retain these trees we carried out pruning works to reduce limbs back from the road,  reducing mechanical stress and the likelihood of the tree causing harm to a negligible level.


We will continue to monitor these trees to ensure the trees preservation and safety.







Roadside Clearance for Development in Rugby/Daventry





As part of the Dirft III development works near Hillmorton Rugby the developer needed a area of Roadside trees cleared to allow for a new slip road from the A428 into there site.


A number of small local firms had been approached with the intention of clearing the trees using man power to manually fell trees drag the material across a ditch and up a bank and chip using traditional small tow behind hand fed wood chippers.


This would have caused weeks of disruption on the road as well as being hard work!


We allocated 3 days to fell and process the trees. To minimise reliance on potentially unreliable external traffic management contractors we installed and maintained two way traffic lights ourselves allowing us a one lane closure to work in.

The trees where felled using chainsaws and moved up the bank using a 8 tonne 360 excavator fitted with a selector grab. The trees could then be stacked and fed into a crane fed chipper with a 15inch diameter in-feed.

The works were completed safely and comfortably within the 3 days allocated with minimal disruption to the public.  



















Private Landowner, with Roadside trees, Northampton.


This landowner had a small holding with a number of trees running along side a busy country road. The owner had a noticed a number of trees which had large dead branches which were liable to fall into the road.

Using our own Traffic management set we were able to cost effectively remove the effected part of the trees in just a few hours.













Using Cranes for Tree work and dismantling trees in inaccessible places.


We have great experience in using cranes in tree work. Often used for removal of trees which are very large with poor access or to dangerous for rigging systems. We can use cranes for dismantling trees safely as well as using the cranes for accessing trees which are not suitable for rope and harness techniques.


You can read more about this in our Commercial Tree Surgery Page.





Roadside tree works in Buckinghamshire







For Commercial tree works we regularly work in Northamptonshire as well as the surrounding countries and cities we regularly go to London for our clients as well as Birmingham, Coventry and Cambridge.




















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