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Tree Surveying and Risk Management


Under the occupiers liability act all land owners have a duty of care to manage and maintain trees upon there property to ensure that they do not pose a threat to any person or property.

The act requires that trees should be inspected by a "competent person" and trees and steps taken to minimise the risk or damage caused by trees upon there property.


We can create reports for individual trees or whole tree stocks with assessments to there condition and outlining any steps that could be taken to reduce the potential harm which they pose.

Trees which are found to present a hazard do not always need felling or removing, often the risk can be reduced by taking simple steps like pruning or removing limbs which pose a threat.


Our written reports can be kept as written record that the risks posed by your trees is being managed.

Our reports can also be used for accompanying Tree Preservation Order application forms.

Our reports are backed up with a 1million Indemnity policy


This service is highly recommended for any landowners who have trees in locations where there is movements of people traffic, and where any tree failure is likely to cause damage to people or property. These include, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial/Industrial parks, retail parks and homeowners.


Reports include information such as

  • Tree Species

  • Location (located on map using GPS/GIS)

  • Age, Height relative maturity

  • Condition

  • Defects, Hazards

  • Presence of diseases, pathogens, fungus

  • Risk posed

  • Likelihood of failure

  • Recommended actions

We can also make more detailed reports and use advanced tree surveying techniques, such as ultra sounding for decay detection.


Picus Tree Decay detection


We can now offer Picus Decay Detection tree reporting. This system gives a digital readout of a trees internal condition.


If you would like to see examples of our reports or discuss your needs further please contacts us using the details on the contact us page.



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