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Ecology and Conservation Contractors 

Sensitive Land, Tree and Vegetation Management Solutions for Conservation, Wildlife Management and Ecology

Whether it be Wildlife and Nature Reserves, Conservation or Habitat Management, Ecologically Sensitive Tree Clearance or pre development ecological mitigation we have the equipment and expertise to fulfil your requirements.



Scrub and Tree Management, Invasive Tree Removal, Sensitive Site Clearance.

We have extensive experience of working with environmental and wildlife charities and organisations in managing vegetation on there reserves. We use machinery to easily handle vast amounts of trees. Skilled chainsaw operators can selectively cut trees and vegetation for removal causing minimal environmental impact.

Low ground impact machinery such as compact diggers fitted with brash handling grapples can efficiently move stack and process whole trees or bundles of vegetation for either chipping or on site burning. This reduced manual handling allowing large areas to be effortlessly cleared quickly and cost effectively. This system is ideal for sites with poor ground conditions or wetland sites where manual dragging and moving of brash is difficult and dangerous. This type of machinery is also ideally suited to remove root and all invasive species such as Rhododendron in woodlands. 

Great Crested Newt Site Vegetation Removal

  Managing sites with protected species such as Great Crested Newts can be problematic. Working alongside Ecological consultants we can propose methods to mitigate any harm. We can employ the right method to efficiently clear trees and vegetation on large sites within time and seasonal deadlines. Difficult trees species to manually handle such as Hawthorn and  hedgerows can be easily dealt with causing minimal disturbance to fragile habitats. We can also dig relocation ponds to specific requirements and any other habitat creation or mitigation that maybe required.

All our equipment is maintained to cause minimal environmental impact. Our staff our passionate about the environment and take great care to avoid any pollution or damage.



Flailing of Scrub and Vegetation


With our Tracked Skidsteer flail unit we can flail vegetation to allow for ecological searches or to to allow  access for surveying or setting out of sites. 

Our machine can easily deal with thick brambles grasses and small trees reducing them quickly and safely.

The Flail unit can be raised and lowered in height easily allowing for careful flailing and for material to be flailed progressively in height allowing the operator to easily spot any potential protected habitat such as badger sets without causing damage. Being tracked the machine causes minimal ground damage especially on wet sites and can be easily manoeuvred around trees or other obstacles. 




Trees and Bats



Working alongside Licensed Bat experts we can carry out work to trees with bat potential. We can carry out operations such as aerial inspection. The soft lowering of braches with bat potential or soft felling trees.


We have worked with a number Bat Handlers and Ecological Consultants to come up with innovative and sensitive to deal with trees with bat potential on development sites. 






Tree Planting, Hedgerow,

Woodland and Habitat Creation


Whether for new development landscaping, habitat creation or as part of a mitigation scheme for a new development we have the resources to plan source and implement new planting schemes. We can design and plant new woodland creation schemes as well as hedgerows. For a more instant impact planting scheme we can plant instant hedges or semi mature trees which are ready grown for quick visual impact. Our expertise in forestry and plant science means we can recommend suitable species to ensure that your new plantings establish well and survive into the future. Our new tree planting is done in line with industry forestry practice. Our semi mature instant impact tree planting is done to British Standard BS 8545:2014



Waterway Restoration and Waterside/Riverside tree Management



We can restore overgrown habitats such as ponds and streams which have become chocked with silt and vegetation. Trimming back and removing trees or re-pollarding trees such as Willows allowing light to the water and bank increasing flora as well as increasing both the aesthetics and beauty of waterscapes. Also increasing the potential for biodiversity. For ponds or water courses which have become chocked with silt or reeds and other vegetation we can dredge these using our range of machinery.

We can also use our machinery to remove trees and other objects which have fallen into rivers and watercourses blocking water flow and creating a flood risk.  


We have a range of machines from mini diggers at 1.8tonnes fitted with timber grapples up to 20tonnes allowing us to work on the tightest and biggest of sites. 








Our Mini digger with brash grapple can be used for smaller more ground sensitive sites and can easily be transported to site behind a standard 4x4 vehicle.

This set up is ideal for tight sites, where minimal ground damage is a requirement or where logs and brash require stacking or pulling from water courses.

It is also ideal for public rights of way/path clearance and clearing under growth or pushing up brash for habitat creation or management.
















Keeping You, Us and the Public Safe.



Working with heavy machinery and felling trees can be dangerous. Often our work is close to public rights of way and also in view of scrutiny of the public. We are always happy to liaise with the public who have any questions or concerns. We always carry out work to best practice and eliminate the public and other site users for works.


All machine operators have the relevant Construction Plant

Competence Scheme qualification. (CPCS). Our chainsaw operators are NPTC qualified and all staff have Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) qualification as well as being on the Register of Land based operatives (ROLO) and Land Based Industries Certification Scheme (LISS) Qualification.


All staff are first aid trained and both experienced and passionate about there job.  We carry full liability and employee liability. Our health and safety systems are independently audited by the Arboricultural Association through the Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and we can supply a full suite of health and safety documents including Risk assessments and method statements for any job.


Work Example - Habitat Creation - Viridor Waste Management January 2016

As part of Viridors commitment to increasing biodiversity on there now closed Landfill sites we have been assisting them with a number of Habitat Creation works at there Wootton Site near Northampton. 


This has included identifying where habitats surrounding the site could be improved and implementing works such as coppicing and creating deadwood habitats within existing shelter belts. 


We have planted over half a Kilometre of mixed native hedgerow to link woodland habitats on site to other small woodlands and hedgerows and creating Wildlife Corridors. 


We have installed bat boxes, 10 amphibian refuges and also hedgehog habitats. 


This work has enabled Viridor to Attain the Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark Award.

Read more here 


At Rose-Tree we are qualified and experienced in designing and implementing practical and beneficial biodiversity enhancement schemes.


"What They Said..."


"We required a contractor at short notice to remove hedgerows quickly before bird nesting season on a site with Great Crested Newts. All the works methodology needed to satisfy Natural England and working alongside our ecologist and James from Rose-Tree we devised a plan for removal of two thousand meters of hedgerow and a number of large trees without causing disturbance to hibernating newts. The work was completed on time before the bird nesting deadline and was commended by our ecologist." - Civil Construction Contractor, Warwickshire.


"Working alongside Rose-Tree on a site clearance project we identified a number of Mature Lime trees with Bat Potential which required removal. Although thorough inspections had already been carried out on all the trees we were still concerned that the trees had bat potential. James who had a large excavator on site at the time for other work formulated a plan to lower the trees using the machine, I was suppressed how gently he managed to lay the trees down with the machine so as they could be inspected and any bats within allowed to escape. We now recommend Rose Tree on all our sites. - Ecological Consultant, Bedfordshire.

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