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Conifer Removals

Conifer Removal, Reduction and Topping


Has that dwarf Leylandii which you carried out of the garden centre in a pot now taking over your garden?


We can remove conifers of any size including stumps to make way for a more new planting, flower beds or to create more light and space in your garden.


We can also tame those out of control hedges to much more manageable size.


Although found in almost every garden Conifers due to there size and bulk can be tricky and expensive to remove.




With most tree surgery companies running only small Transit Van type vehicles with small legal capacities and wood chippers with only low throughput capacities removing large conifers can be expensive due inefficient working methods.


Rose Tree Care runs large lorries and high capacity wood chippers unlike any other local company so we can remove bulky material quickly and efficiently.

We simply can not be beaten on price!


We can also supply and plant hedging of all different species from small saplings to instant hedging in a range of sizes up to 2 meters high.



























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